Isolator Internet from the Local Network
Issue separate network from the internal network ( intranet ) , including information security issues in recent decades has been considered a high security risk to the organization .Nmayangrvjvd were serious weaknesses in the nation's cyber security .

STUXNET virus was first published on 13 Zhvybh 2010. These viruses use the security flaw in Windows shortcuts, infecting users' computers, industrial, file format and PCS7 Siemens WinCC SCADA software, which is related to the collection and sent to a specific server. About Open STUXNET studies have been conducted by Symantec, Iran's main company damaged in the early days of the publication of this virus.

FLAME sophisticated piece of computer malware is a virus that has attacked computers with Windows operating system . Like Stuxnet and Doku , the malware targeted and made it through the rootkit to escape the current security software . Once a system is infected , the malware can flame on a local network or via a flash drive and can be spread to other systems sound Nmagrft or keyboard activity and network traffic record. Record your Skype conversations and can also infect a system that tries to convert Bluetooth beacons to collect contact information from the Bluetooth . The data is sent along with local documents to the command and control server . Initial survey of most contaminants computers in Iran - some 59 % - is.

The operational needs of the country's national internet project is high but access remains one of the daily needs of the communities, companies and organizations are.


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