Design, optimization

and implementation of cable networks

Map design
Based on the knowledge of its specialists, BPSHCO offers data center and cabling services in the following sections:
Complete project design including trunk map and Cabling floors, node positioning, etc.
Cabling includes: Power cord, Telephone cable, Network cables (Cat5, Cat6, Cat7) with EIA / TIA 568.B and ISO / IEC 11801 standards
Installing trunk and ducting with the required fineness, precision and standards
server room and data center built including: floor and ceiling, ventilation system, fire extinguisher etc.
ALL TYpes of fiber optic cabling, fusion implementation, fiber patch panel installation etc.
Design and implementation of UPS system
Building of masts tower to run wireless communication links
Building of earthing system for ground control and data center masts
Equipment supply

Having International Import / Export License, specialist workforce and sufficient capital, BPSHCO is ready to provide the needed equipment of any kind of brand in domestic and foreign markets.

The rapid growth of network science, especially in the area of information technology following the emergence of more modern and sophisticated equipment on daily basis, persuade any network administrator to adapt his network to the knowledge and technology of the day. As a dynamic company in the field of information technology and computer networks, BPSHCO has the big stomach to adapt and optimize networks at every level with the latest achievement of knowledge.

Maintenance and Support

Nowadays, the dependence of corporations on inter-organizational and extended networks is to the extent that any sort of malfunctioning even for a short range of time might cause some irreparable losses.
So having an experienced support team is a must. With the formation of highly experienced support team, BPSHCO has the ability to maintain and support any kind of network at any level.
A very important priority is fast troubleshooting to save time and network. That is why our support team enjoy experience and expertise to ensure excellent service.

Maintenance support includes:

Maintain systems and networks up to 99% of common problems.
Troubleshooting in the shortest time possible
Installation and management of services and network systems
Consultation for improving network and systems performance
Providing daily, weekly and monthly reports
Providing complete documentation of networks and systems
Tracking and troubleshooting network issues for proper systems performance
Develop solutions to prevent network failure
Overview of overall network security to reduce risk
Manage users' access to resources on the network
Periodic reviews and reporting of risks and problems on the network
Training users to reduce network and security problems
Design and implement security policies in the organization in coordination with the senior managements policies
Launch "Back Up Server" to create backups of important organization information
Installation of network security equipment such as antivirus and firewall
Troubleshoot client software issues remotely t
Hardware upgrades for network equipment as well as consulting on equipment purchases


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