Establishment of two 100% isolated environments (information and network) completely physically on a machine
Lack of need to software and accessories
Lack of dependence to MAC and IP of configuration
Using the infrastructure available in the network (standard 568B)
The ability to combine to other securitization methods
Lack of need to re-cabling of network (reduction of cost)
Lack of need to second hard disk (reduction of cost)
Lack of unauthorized access through displacing the network cable by the user
Impossibility of hearing the information of other hard disks due to managing of data bus of hard disk instead of power cable
Lack of damages of standard hard disks due to managing of data bus of hard disk instead of power cable
The work status change from Internet to intranet (internal network) very fast and not longer than one minute
Using high-speed hard disk on the board for 3-5 times increase of operating system speed
USB port management (based on user’s order)
Usability of 4 hard disks or DVD-Drive in addition to the SATA ports on the motherboard
Possibility of disabling the compact disk drive in internal network mode
Quick and easy installation and startup
Low and economic cost in comparison to other methods


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