1- Use of PCIs port
Internet Secureware card is installed on the computer motherboard directly, thus doesn’t need extra communication cables. Moreover, it has higher speed and security.

2- Removal of panel in front of the computer case
One of limitations of network isolator is status change panel that due to the variety of cases sometimes faces problems. Internet Secureware card uses power key and doesn’t need panel.

3- Control on information (Data Bus) instead of control on hard disk power
In the Internet Secureware card, information of two networks is isolated upon control on information bus that is very safer than control on hard disks power supply.
Furthermore, one of failure causes in network isolator or hard disks connected thereto is repeated connection and disconnection of switch power and relays used therein that this problem has been removed in the Internet Secureware card.

4- Lack of need to re-cabling of network and use of isolated network patch panel
Network isolator has two inputs of network cable, but the both networks must be cabled independently. In case of using network isolated patch panel that is offered together with Internet Secureware card, cabling the second network is not needed and the both networks are transferred by one cable.

5- Immovability of network cable by the user
The network isolator has two network cable inputs, the user cannot move the network cables and in this event the system integration and security will be destroyed. In the Internet Secureware card due to existing only one network cable led to isolated patch panel, the cables cannot be moved.

6- Lack of need to provide second hard disk
The network insulator is needed to install two hard disks on the computer. Usually, provision of second hard disk is not economically, whilst Internet Secureware card doesn’t need to buy the second hard disk and SSDs are available in capacities of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

7- Very high speed during switch between networks
Due to use of technology SATA III and SSD memories, speed of status change (from internal network to Internet) is higher than network isolator averagely within 20 to maximum 60 seconds.

8- Support of SATA and SSD
Internet Secureware card supports 2 HDD and 2 SDD and network isolator supports only 2 HDD.

9- Extensibility
Considering the design of card as PCIe, it is possible to extend and add updated options, whilst the Internet isolator is a non-extendable product. For instance, third version of Internet Secureware card has wireless and isolated network cable for use in the Internet environment.


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