1- Are networks and hard disks physically isolated in the Internet Secureware card?
Yes, the isolated Internet Secureware card as per following picture has 4 separated hard disk inputs. In any situation, a SATA hard disk and a SSD hard disk completely physically are disconnected from mother board and only two hard disks are connected at the same situation.


In addition, two different networks (LAN and Internet networks) are completely physically isolated from each other. To reduce the networks re-cabling costs, an isolated network patch panel 24 port is offered together with the Internet Secureware card. This panel transfers the both networks distinctly on a cable so that 4 wires out of available 8 wires in the cable transfer the first network and 4 next wires transfer the second network distinctly. In addition, using this panel, change of network cables by the user is impossible.

2- Is the status change made completely physically or in a software manner?
The cause of this question is that in the software manner, card function may be penetrable. This is physically. As per following picture, case key has been used for selection of status.


a. First state: Turning on the computer commonly situates the system at the first mode.
b. Second state: two times pressing the case key while shutdown situates the system in second state and LED on the case is flashing.
c. State change: in order to change the status, the computer must be at first shut down. Later, the system is started up according to one of two mentioned methods. After every time system shutdown, card prevents immediate restart of computer. This action is occurred for being sure of RAM information deletion.
d. State change is not possible while powered on or hardware and software restart mode, and in case of pressing the key in on mode, the computer is shut down at the same state and state change is not occurred.

3- Has Internet Secureware card a distinct network card?
No, Internet secure card has no network card and only transfers one of two available network cables to the computer network card. Isolated patch panel has been designed so that in addition to transfer of 2 distinct networks on a cable, prevents the mistake and power of users for replacing the network cables in the case back. In addition, in case the network cable is directly connected to the network cable of computer, none of networks will be active. Connection of network cable to isolator card and later from isolator card to the network cable is mandatory. Thus, in no mode, simultaneous operation of networks or hard disk is possible.

4- Is it possible to add independent network cable or wireless network for Internet status?
Yes, in the new version of Secureware card, it is possible to add wireless or wired network cable for Internet network.

Card Installation
1- Shut down the computer and open the case door.
2- Remove the on/off case key (power) from motherboard and instead connect to card POWER SW.
3- Put the card in an empty PCIe slot and close its screw.
4- Connect the power key that separated in second step to the card in TO MOTHERBOARD POER SW by cable available in the box
5- Separate the LED wire of on/off mode and HDD from motherboard and connect to the card in the specified areas as per following figure.
6- Separate the hard disk data cable from motherboard and connect to the card to SATA local.
7- Separate the data cable of CD drive from motherboard and connect to the card in SATA Internet (optional).
8- Close the case door.
9- Connect the NIC PORT by network cable available in the box to the computer’s network port.



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