Design, optimization

and support of wireless networks

Different environments and places requires different ways to set up their Internet. This is obviously due to the environmental conditions of the place such as the type of area and even the atmospheric conditions. Thus it requires expert ideas to provide a sustainable solution for reliable platform with reliable equipment.

Today, the variety of organizations' services has led them to have far away branches. However, the need for instant access to different information from different branches is obviously very important.

Based on its technical expertise, BPSHCO offers integrated wireless system as a solutions for organizations with multiple branches to have instant data exchange as well as office automation system and even their calls together.

Wireless Network Services

Feasibility Study for wireless networks
Installation of Point to Point network
Installation of Point to Multi point network
Installation of wireless telecommunication masts
Earthing system and its ground well
Installation of broadband services
Implementation of Wireless network based on the latest technology


The Benefits of Wireless Internet

Supports all multimedia protocols and features
Extensive management from the innermost point of the network to its endpoints
Ability to control and adjust the quality of the communication line
Various supports such as: maintaining and financial and statistical reports to subscribers
Provide bandwidth as requested by users
Accounting Services for Subscription Services
Integration of audio, video, data and internet services
Being economical over wired communications according to suit your needs

Design, Installation and implementation of point to point wireless networks

The benefits of these networks include high data transfer speed, high range, and optimal stability. Such networks are generally used as Backbone Internet, or to connect main buildings that require high data transmission speeds, or two long-distance points.

Design, Installation and implementation of Point to Multipoint wireless networks
The benefits of this approach is the low initial cost of establishing connection of multi-point to one-point as well as simpler back-end support cause from small number of equipments and easier link management.
These networks usually use for distribution of Internet bandwidth for mobile users in a given space, as well as the interconnection between computers in places where cable is unavailable or restricted.

Design, Installation and implementation of Hot Spot networks

HotSpot networks are broadly referred to Internet bandwidth distribution over wireless networks which are used by public places such as exhibitions, hotel lobbies, restaurants, airport lounges, entertainment venues etc.

In this method, Internet users can connect to Internet using personal Laptop or PDA in the area covered by. Users owning wireless WiFi equipment can access to internet using their accounts.

Consulting as well as providing equipments for setting up wireless networks

Using expertise of BPSHCO's technical team, our valued customers can consult over design of INDOOR and OUTDOOR wireless networks to achieve the best practical solution in terms of quality and cost according to their needs.

Design and implementation of telephone line transmission systems using wireless equipment
Combining VOIP (Voice Over IP) and WLAN (Wireless LAN) technologies, telephone lines can be moved to remote areas.

Advantages of application of this method:

Moving telephone lines from a location that has telecommunications facilities to a location without these facilities at a very low cost compared to conventional (cabling) methods in a short span of time.

Setting up free internal telephone lines and establish a fast connection between the two points of interest. (example: integrating a two-building telephone system of a company or factory headquarters)


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