With more than 15 years of successful experience, Behineh Pardaz Shoukafa Company has provided technical and practical documentation on data centers by its valued experts. Documentation is based on the TIA942 standard. The following goals are considered in the preparation of this chapter:
1. Compilation of the most complete electronic document on the topic of data center
2. Outlining TIA942 standard key points
3. Gathering and presenting practical experiences of PSHCO projects
4- Listing the existing available brands in Iran (for a standard data center)
5- Providing computational formulas for data center designers and affiliate companies
6- Answering questions electronically
This is the first document produced by BPSHCO. Please let us have your opinion about it, and help us to make the next versions as perfect as possible.
In near future online help will be available. For now, you can get in touch with available contact means.


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